BEF Grant Application

The Bob Emig Foundation is looking for you: those interested in sports opportunities and more for local youths.

Beginning in 2021, we are accepting grant applications from organizations that focus on the well-being of youth through sports and education. Successful grants will be awarded funds the Foundation raises throughout the year.
Applications can be found at this link and will be accepted until the end of February 2021. The applying organization needs to be a 501(c3) as specified on the grant. They can also contact Adam Emig directly for information at

The mission of the Emig Foundation is to raise financial resources to assist under-served youth to participate in quality sports and mentoring programs. The Foundation helps them grow to adulthood to be productive and active citizens in the community by focusing on three areas: opportunities, activities and recognition.

In the past, The Emig Foundation was able to assist many youth sports endeavors and mentoring programs including the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Center, StlFootballU, Christian Activity Center, and St. Louis Catholic Academy. For example, the donation provided financial assistance to the St. Louis Catholic Academy to buy a school bus for transportation to enable them to participate in different sporting events.

To the Grantmaker: If you are interested in using the CGA Short Form as part of your foundation’s grant application, please feel free to download this template, modify it to suit your needs, and host it on your organization’s website along with the CGA Budget Template. You may wish to insert instructions about word or character limits. Please contact to let us know that you will be using a version of the CGA Short Form so that we can share important updates in the future.

To the Grantseeker: Grantmakers who accept the CGA Short Form will host this form on their respective websites; some grantmakers may have modified versions of the CGA Short Form. Please keep in mind that every grantmaker has different guidelines and priorities, as well as different deadlines and timetables. Any funder that has agreed to accept this form may request additional information at any stage in the proposal process.