Sisterhood of Soccer



Inspiring and teaching young female athletes everywhere.



This program is dedicated to young girls who have limited access to a soccer environment. The focus is on girls between the ages of 5 and 12 who want to learn and improve their soccer skills with the mentorship of female soccer players while building strong friendships with other campers and coaches.

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Sisterhood of Soccer (SOS) is an organization founded in 2013 by sisters Ellie Crabtree and Abigail Crabtree. Since they were young they enjoyed playing the game of soccer. As the sisters got older, they felt the need to spread and expose the game to young girls who were not given the opportunities that were given to them. Not only do they help improve their soccer skills but also teach these girls great life lessons.  We support them as honorary “Big Sisters.” The goals for the organization grow as each year goes by.


  • To give the girls the opportunity to learn and improve their soccer skills.
  • To provide mentorship and guidance in teamwork, responsibility, and work ethics as it applies to soccer and life.
  • Build strong friendships with the other campers.
  • Establish a close relationship with the coaches.
  • To provide the girls with a safe, stress-free, relaxed environment where the girls can be themselves.


Jackie Joyner-Kersee Foundation and the Bob Emig Foundation are two centers that have supported us and vice versa.