BEF Success System

Success System

Who: Anyone that is passionate about serving student-athletes and is good with and likes   to help people. We can’t teach passion or willingness to help people, but we can teach   these proven systems. Preferably high school and college students.

Why: Everyone that completes the BEF Success System will receive letters of recommendations from the Bob Emig Foundation Board of Directors along with earning community service hours

What: Anyone with any interest in these topics will learn all the skills by hands on training…

Building Relationships
Winning Attitude
The Winning Team
Successful Game Planning
Marketing & Sales Success Cycle
Sports Management
Communications & PR
TV, Radio & Print
Social Media
Email Communications
Website Management
Database Development & Management
Graphic Design
Results & Reporting
Event Planning & Management
Accounting & Finance
Non-profit Management
Business Management
Volunteer Management

When: 12 & 6 month programs
Work your own schedule; preferably 8 hours per week on consistent days

Where: Any place that you have internet access on a computer

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